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"We want it family friendly, we want the kids to come as well as the grown ups"

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20 Nov

Gam's Barber Shop | Knoxville, TN

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- You'll never know who you'll run into at Gam's Barber shop. Former Vol Montario Hardesty says, "This is like my second home, I like the people, I like the environment, so I always come here. "If you ever want to know something just go to the barber shop and hang out.," said P-Love, a long time customer. Marcus Johnson just got his dreadlocks cut off. "Just got tired of it, too much maintenance," said Johnson. And the customers just get younger and younger at Gam's: Some are still in diapers. Gamble first opened shop 20 years ago. "What do they say, don't let the smooth taste fool you, I look young," said Gamble. Growing up in Mechanicsville, Gam wanted to give back. He's got dozens and dozens of customers and on a good day, he'll cut over 100 heads in the 10 chairs. But you've got to mind your manners. No cussing allowed. "We want it family friendly, we want the kids to come as well as the grown ups," said Gamble. In the back room, it's a history lesson in the making. Harold Agnew has been cutting hair over 60 years. Born in 1928 you do the math. He's gone through a lot of hairstyles. "Actually people change with the style that's what happens, see when you were five years old, 60 minutes was still an hour - so time don't change, we change with the times", said Agnew. Whether it's talking about the Vols, the neighborhood or just getting a haircut, you'll have a 'Gam' good time.

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